This is a question new entrepreneurs specially in Pakistan debate about a lot. With millions of articles out there about how to start your entrepreneurial journey this topic is still under debate. I had experienced working with multiple startups some of them were at idea developing stage and some even before that. I have worked as consultant and sometimes as partner.

Let’s talk about what “Make Small” means. It means making small apps/games (mostly cloning of trending apps/games on stores) with ads integrated in them, and when you start earning from them you use that money to invest on the big idea you have. This looks like an approach that will save you money but not time.

“You can’t buy time from money but you can earn money with time.” – Anonymous

Whereas “Go Big” means you have an idea on which you have strong believe. You write the whole idea down somewhere and started working for it. You went to investors or incubators with it. Even if you’re not successful you still believe in it and you keep on working for it and launch it.

In Go Big approach you might lose money from your pocket but you’ll save time for another idea. Whereas in Make Small you will save money but lose time and time is important here not money.

The conclusion to this is that entrepreneurship is all about risk taking. For some this risk turns bad for some it turns good. But none of this happens for those who don’t try.