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10% Brain Usage 90% Waste! From an Entrepreneurial View

Based on my article on linkedin I though of sharing it here too as it gives me motivation. It’s commonly said that we humans use only about 10 percent of our brains, with some people attributing Einstein’s brilliance to his ability to stretch that paltry figure to 15 percent. Which is also one of the […]... Read more

What is Apple thinking after Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass

Couple of days back Microsoft releases HoloLens! Google announce they are shutting down Google Glass Explorer Project because world is not ready for it yet. (Read Here) Google also launched a promo video of a customizable phone, and there were some great promos from Google and Microsoft in a couple of days. Steve Jobs, the […]... Read more

Google Glass after Microsoft HoloLens

Some days back Google announce it is shutting down the Google Glass Explorer Program because world is not ready for it yet. Well it was a cool invention but the problem is that Google is trying too hard to let people use Google+ and if you make a Glass and run it’s demo as a […]... Read more

When I finished my first iPhone app

After a life long struggle of three months finally I hear these words form my boss “Just add this function here and you app will be completed! And it’s a good app.” I was so happy. But after adjusting that image I sat down to do analysis about my first experience completing the app. I […]... Read more

Making tutorials is not easy

I started developing for apple watch last week and I thought “hey! I should make this program as a tutorial because there is not much documentation available on internet so my posts will go up.” Thinking that and I started making a tutorial. This app was simple when you tap a button it changes the […]... Read more

Hello world!

Hello World & Welcome to ibjects. Whenever some starts learning something new lets say a new language they always starts with a Hello World! example. No one knows why! So following the tradition here I start this blog with a Hello World! post. I’ll be sharing about a lot of stuff in which I’ll share […]... Read more
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