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Turning your mobile device into an empathy machine

Mad Number app for poverty & education.

At Mad Number, we are developing a mobile app that will raise funds of its own. You don’t have to give a single dollar from your pocket. The raised funds will be used to put a child through school and up to college and university.

Help us develop Mad Number Platform!

Your donations will help us develop the Mad Number Platform which will solve poverty and education issues for the whole world.

Technology for Social Impact


The world today confronts us with many challenges. But when great ideas are brought to life through entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and implementation skills, we can make a real difference. In the world of business—and in the world at large. Partnering with visionary companies on problems that can’t be solved the usual way, ibjects research and develop solutions that use technology for social impact.

ibjects is all about creating exciting possibilities for sustainability, developing trendsetting ideas and finding/working on new synergies in the development and corporate sector. We believe computational thinking opens doors, provides useful skills and helps solve problems that impact the world. We’re accomplishing this mission by researching and developing technological solutions that serve as a social impact on the community or global level.

IATA Air Hackathon - DC

IATA Air Hackathon - DC

IATA - International Air Transport Association has been doing hackathons around the world to empowers innovators to come up with solutions that can make airlines…

ibjects July 9, 2018

We have some very exciting products lined up for the world


We also provide consultancy and services

Our Services

App Development

iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablets, Apple Watch and other smart watches

Have an idea of an app and want to see it in action. Shoot us a message below and we will get back to you to set up a meeting to go over how this can be achieved in a budgeted and smooth manner.

Business Website

e-commerce, company website, personal blog and personal portfolio.

Get your business on the web with us. We develop websites for business/personal and online sale purchase. Get in touch with us to discuss the project.

UI/UX Design

UI Design, design thinking, UX design and prototyping

Want to see the end result of your idea even before starting the development. Shoot us a message below and see it designed using the modern design principles.

Data Science

Data analysis, data cleaning, AI and machine learning.

We will help you understand the data which you have and help you use that data to grow your business. Get in touch below to set up a meeting.

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